Joseph Levarato

Full stack engineer, (hopefully soon) freelance

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My name is Joseph Levarato, I work as lead developer at the "ID-U" startup, and I'm passionate about way too much things that I can handle. It started with electronic devices, then videogames, then computers, then internet, then web development, then system administration, then automating, then testing, then deploying...

This website on which you're currently strolling has been built to last, and to store my previous and future experiences as a developer who wants to wants to join the freelancing world, so people can avoid the (probable) mistakes I will surely make.

I will also surely talk about things that aren't dev related, such as my quest for the best carbonara pasta dish and my journey through learning korean.

Also, the website will keep getting improved, with new functionalities such as comments and language switcher. If you have any suggestion, drop me a message (or open an issue)!

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